Infant Optics DXR 5 Wall Socket Power Adapter (110v-240v compatible) – Questions & Answers

Infant Optics DXR5 Wall Socket Power Adapter (110v-240v compatible)

Infant Optics DXR5 Wall Socket Power Adapter (110v-240v compatible) features

  • Official AC adapter by Infant Optics (factory version) with safety warning label.
  • Provides multiple power/charging points around the house.
  • Fits on both Monitor Units OR Camera Units.
  • NOTE: It is not necessary to purchase this item unless you wish to place more charging stations. The starter kit comes with sufficient power cords already (2x).
  • 110v-240v compatible. (worldwide voltage)

Infant Optics DXR5 Wall Socket Power Adapter (110v-240v compatible)

check-price-on-amazonAdditional wall socket power cord for DXR5 Infant Optics baby monitor (starter set includes 2 power cords already). Great for creating multiple charging/power points around the house for the camera and/or monitor unit. Official version by Infant Optics.

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Q:Hi I was wondering how long can the monitor last starting on a full battery without being plugged in?


When the unit is new, 3 hours on a full battery. The older the unit gets, the more that time declines. After about a year, it would barely hold a charge. I’m not sure if it is the battery/charger/unit itself. We replace the charger every 6 months and it gives us about 2.5 hours, and declines over time.

Q:How long is the cord on this power adapter? I had to mount the camera on the wall because baby is now able to pull it down into the crib…


It’s the exact same length as the one that came with the camera. Hopefully this helps.

Q:Hi, the charger is for which type of monitor2


I purchased for th eInfant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHZ Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision. Purcahsed as backup charger.

Q:Sorry, the Infant Optics DXR5 KIT, comes with 110/240v power supply? thanks



Q:Is this power adapter for the camera or the monitor?