Vusee – The Universal Baby Monitor Shelf – White – Reviews, Questions & Answers

Vusee - The Universal Baby Monitor Shelf - White

Vusee – The Universal Baby Monitor Shelf – White features

  • A Complete, Safe view of your little one
  • Safety – The unique wall corner mounting design allows the monitor to be placed out of the reach of your child. No cords or flashing lights on or near the crib – keeping your little one safe.
  • Entirety – The Vusee’s angled design allows your camera to be securely mounted while providing an additional 40 degrees of downward viewing. Instead of a partial view of your crib, you see the entire area in which your child is sleeping.
  • Ease – By utilizing 3M CommandTM damage-free strips, Vusee is easily installed and removed without damaging walls.
  • From Parents, For Parents


Vusee is the universal baby monitor shelf that works with any video baby monitor and allows for a safe, entire and easy view of your little one.When we brought our little Levi home I realized right away that the current designs of baby monitors aren’t entirely effective. We couldn’t see our baby’s entire crib if we left it on a shelf, and putting the monitor on the crib isn’t safe. That’s why I made the Vusee – so we could watch over our little one better. Now my family is bringing the Vusee to you, so together we can all care for our little ones better.

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Q:Will this work with Motorola monitor?


Yes. We use it with our Motorola baby monitor

Q:does this product come with the mounting strips?


They come with Velcro-like mounting strips. We’ve had it for months an have not had any problems with the product.